About Us

Actually, it's not about us, it's about you! 

We exist only because you have entrusted us with your machine tool accessory needs. Truth be told, we want to sell you a lathe chuck today but also next week and next month and next year or whenever you have a need for more of the products that we supply. We know this will happen ONLY if we take care of you in an exceptional way each and every time you give us a chance.


Our people are our number one competitive advantage. We have assembled a team with the skills and drive to handle all your needs. 

  • In-the-field technical sales reps that can stand with you at the spindle to support your application and technical needs.
  • An engineering department second to none in the industry. We have over 50 years of lathe chuck experience and are available to support your technical and engineering needs.
  • Customer service. Every company talks about customer service but we actually walk the walk. We are focused on making EVERY customer interaction a positive and memorable experience. Our goal is to satisfy all of your requirements. We will do whatever is necessary to take care of your needs, even if it means sending you to the competition.


Our people make a difference but we know you won't come back if we're selling you inferior product. It is our pledge, no our guarantee, to provide you with only premium quality Gator and Autogrip products. We own the quality process and our ISO-9000 factories are focused on quality first. Gator and Autogrip are NO Risk lines. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.


Our products are engineered in the United States and Europe and produced in Asia. We have true partnerships with the manufacturing facilities we work with. These partnerships are built upon years of mutual trust and common goals. Gator and Autogrip are NOT sourced products. We work with only select and responsible factories and we work with only exclusive agreements. We contribute to the manufacturing and quality control process on a daily basis.

Our products are distributed through the world's finest industrial and metal working distributors. We limit distribution to those that will work closely with us to properly service the needs of the end user (you). Many of our distributor partners stock product and many have technical experts on staff. ALL of them will add value to the relationship and service your needs in an exceptional manner.


When you consider our PEOPLE, the QUALITY of our products and the RELATIONSHIPS we invest in and then add a competitive price point, you get real VALUE. Gator & Autogrip provide the BEST combination of Quality, Service and Competitive Pricing on the planet. No other producer even comes close. Give us a try today and we will make you a customer for life.

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