Lathe Chuck Base Plates

Lathe Chuck Base Plates

Fully Machined Steel Base Plates for Gator and other manual lathe chucks.

Precision Ground and Heat Treated.

Base plates can be used to mount manual lathe chucks on a variety of table operations. They are ideal for use on CNC or Manual Rotary Tables and Indexers with 3/6 and 4/8 T-Slots.

All Gator Base Plates are made of steel, are heat treated and are provided with mounting bolts and T-Nuts.

  • Fully Machined Base Plates for 3 & 6 Jaw PA Steel Body Adjustable Chucks 0.0004” T.I.R.
  • Fully Machine Base Plates for 3 & 4 Jaw PS & PO FRONT Mount Cast-Iron (Universal) and Steel Body (Precision) Chucks
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